Digital Asset Arbitrage

Digital asset arbitrage is one of the core growth areas in the business. Investor funds are directed by Stewards Investment Capital under terms of a discretionary investment mandate. The investors’ funds at all times belong to the individual investor – not Stewards Investment Capital. Stewards Investment Capital exercises stringent internal accounting and reporting procedures to allocate ownership of funds to each individual investor at all times during the process.
This process will be facilitated by proprietary software, namely IRB Software, which enables real time transparency into the holdings and movement of investor funds through the infrastructure. Stewards Investment Capital offers the ability to report clearly on the source of funds and demonstrate investments origin for reporting purposes.


Individual and corporate clients are
on-boarded with their respective
individual accounts and adhere to
applicable KYC / AML / FICA
procedures and thorough KYC / Due
Diligence is implemented;


Client sends funds from their
personal accounts to the Corporate
Client Monies’ Account;


Then, all individual funds are
aggregated into one bulk amount
to be transferred a non-resident
Stewards Investment Capital
account with Signature Bank from
the U.S.A as an investment of
clients funds into Stewards
Investment Capital.


The funds will then need to be
transferred to Exchange Account at
Bitstamp in control and in the name
of Stewards Investment Capital
which will be then invested in
underlying assets under the
investment mandate.


Clients’ funds are then traded
under the IRB proprietary


The assets will be sold at a profit
and then the funds raised will be
re-invested in the strategy.